Slow cooker apple butter

Apologies for the hiatus, souper-baby no 2 (Blair) is now 3 months old but still fairly unpredictable. I have not had much time for blogging but continue to investigate and test new recipes so am hoping to start sharing them with you before I forget some!

Anyway, this is a nice autumn/winter recipe that could even be made as a Christmas gift. I find that fresh fruit is a little less appealing at this time of year (even to fruit bats like me) and sometimes the apples in my fruit bowl get a little bit past their best. Please allow me introduce… butter!

apple butter on porridge

I think “apple butter” is an American concept but I am delighted to adopt it. It is a delicious, sweet and spicy sauce-spread-goo that we put in porridge, in yoghurt, on toast and err…. on spoons. I believe it could also be a filling for some sort of baked good but that’s not really my thing.

It is, like most recipes on my blog, ridiculously easy to make, provided you have a slow cooker. And if you don’t, get one! I use mine for dinner three or four times a week and also use it for the odd sweet thing like this. If you are buying one I would suggest getting a large one which has a pot that can be used on the hob. This means you can brown meat before cooking without using an extra pan. Laziness is a valid reason for efficiency and don’t let anyone tell you any different!

Cooking this also makes your house smell AMAZING and makes you feel like a domestic hero/heroine. What more could you wish for?!

Are you a slow-cooker owner? Do you want any more slow cooker recipes? I have a lot so just let me know!


Storage jar or jars – I used 12 apples and this made the one large that you can see in the picture

Apples (I actually included a pear that was lurking forlornly in the fruit bowl and needed to be eaten!)

1/2 to 1tsp (according to taste) of your chosen spices, I went full-on winter spice with the following:

  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
  • allspice
  • ground cloves
  • ground ginger

1 cup (US) of apple juice or cider

apple butter ingredients


Start by preparing your storage jar(s). I did this by putting the jar in the dishwasher on a hot, quick cycle with no soap but there are lots of methods, see HERE.

Then core and roughly chop the apples. As you can see, I didn’t bother to peel them. Any old chunks will do, no prizes for fancy knifework!

Put all the ingredients into the slow-cooker on low.

After approximately 12 hours (this isn’t an exact science) blitz the mixture with a hand blender then leave cooking with the lid off until you reach the consistency you want. Pour into your clean jar(s) and leave to cool before storing in the fridge.

The apple butter will be fine for at least a month and possibly longer, although I couldn’t possibly say as we ate it too quickly!

apple butter on ricecake


apple butter being eaten


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