Summer favourites part 2 – Overnight oats

I am, it must be said, a creature of habit in the mornings.  And by habit I mean porridge.

I make mine with soya milk as I can’t eat a lot of dairy and, controversially, I always have it with salt. I was brought up being told that only a “heathen” would add sugar to their porridge (although I always did). As a child I was ALL about sweet breakfasts but now I actually like to avoid sugar in the morning as I think I get a more steady supply of energy and my tastebuds have adjusted.

Anyway, there have been some days this summer when it just felt wrong to have hot porridge and I looked for alternatives, settling on this simple overnight oats concoction. One thing I discovered is that cold breakfasts really do need a bit of sweetness. I got that from the apple but feel free to add more dried fruit or honey if the apple isn’t enough.

I’ve included chia seeds as they give quite a cool texture and seem to be really filling. Of course they are a super-duper food too as any health-food blogger will tell you. I used to think they were a “specialist” ingredient and banned them from my blog but now that I can get them delivered in my weekly supermarket shop I’ve reconsidered!

Lastly, it’s not a pretty breakfast but it really does taste good! Here it is in action on my desk, ready to be devoured….

overnight oats


2 handfuls oats

1 tbs chia seeds

1 small apple, chopped or grated

vanilla essence, cinnamon and dried fruit to taste

milk of choice


Put the oats, chia seeds and apple into your bowl or tupperware and add enough milk to cover.

Leave to soak overnight.

If you’re going to be in a rush in the morning (I always am) add your flavourings of choice in the evening so you can just grab and go.  If not, add them right before eating.


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