1 ingredient ice lollies!

I didn’t come up with this one (in fact, it was suggested to me in the comments for my healthy ice cream post) but I wanted to share it as we’ve been having such nice warm weather.  It’s a bit of a stretch to say this is a recipe as once again it has only one ingredient, but here goes!

Banana lolly

And yes, I think I do have a bit of an addiction to bananas!

Healthy “ice cream”

Healthy chocolate “ice cream”

Banana pancakes

Chocolate pudding

Baby-friendly cookies

Pudding in a mug

Green smoothie

Healthy muffins

Banana and blueberry cake

Banana and pear cake

Banana loaf (reader favourite!)


A ripe banana

A lolly stick (I bought some on ebay)


Take your banana, peel it and break it into two or three depending on the size of lolly you want.

Put a wooden lolly stick into each piece and freeze.


Enjoying the banana ice lolly!

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