Healthy chocolate truffles

This is very much a non-soup blog post but we all need a treat sometimes and this is a guilt free one so I make no apologies. I do, however, have a warning:  I have never understood people who say “oooh that’s a bit too rich for me”. Sorry, what?! Is the deliciousness too strong?! If it really is too much amazing-ness for you to cope with and you’re truly overwhelmed by the tastiness, just take a smaller bite!

So, if you agree and are willing to eat truffles made by someone who does not believe in “too rich”, read on.  If not, I’m very sorry but this is probably not the recipe for you.

truffles 1

I made these sugar-free by using powdered stevia-based sweetener (tesco’s own brand) but if you’re not fussed about sugar it would be fine with icing sugar.  It’s very easy but fairly messy recipe, which just means plenty of utensils to lick! For blending, I used the tall container that came with my stick blender as it was too small a quantity for my food processor. On reflection it was probably a bit too tall and narrow; I got pretty messy scooping the mixture out, but that wasn’t the end of the world!

Souper-baby, who at almost two so should probably be called souper-toddler now (especially with a new souper-baby arriving in 4 months), was very helpful in the clear-up process and even chose a truffle over banana bread as her after-dinner treat.

souper baby with her truffle


1 ripe avocado

1/2 a small, overripe banana

1/4 cup cocoa powder (I used green & blacks organic)

2 tablespoons of either stevia or icing sugar (you could also try honey and add ground almonds to dry the mixture up instead)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

More cocoa powder, dessicated coconut or ground pistachios for rolling


Pit the avocado and scoop the flesh into a small blender with the banana.

Add the dry ingredients and vanilla extract (if using) and blend. You might need to add some more cocoa powder depending on the size of your avocado and banana and/or more sugar depending on your sweet tooth.

Take teaspoons of the mixture and roll them in your topping of choice. I chose coconut as I am loving all things coconut at the moment.  Be warned, this step is a bit tricky as the mixture is very soft, but don’t worry as they firm up really nicely in the fridge.

truffles 2

Put the finished truffles in the fridge for 30 minutes or more to set, but make sure you eat a couple straight away (quality control). These won’t keep for very long as they’re made from very ripe fruit, but I doubt that will be a problem. Enjoy!

truffles with a bit missing!

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