Souper-baby snack time – sweet potato scones

Souper-baby loves sweet potato but I got a bit carried away with batch cooking and found myself with quite a bit left over and no room in the freezer.  It must be my Scottish heritage but potato scones came to mind.  They were easy to make and went down a storm!

Put leftover, cooked sweet potato in a bowl and add enough wholemeal flour to make a dough, mixing thoroughly.  Put some flour on your worktop and tip the dough onto it.  Shape the dough into a a circle to fit into your frying pan, about 1/4 cm thick.

Lightly oil a frying pan (I used a piece of kitchen roll to cat it with a very thin layer) and put it on a medium heat.  Add the scone dough and cook until the scone moves around freely.  It should cook until there are some dark, almost burnt spots on each side.

Remove from the pan, cut into slices and eat warm.  Top with cream cheese for a real treat!

sweet potato scones

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