Healthy (& baby friendly) chocolate pudding

This has a lovely texture which is almost a cross between a pudding and a mousse.  It’s smooth and silky and really delicious.  You would never believe it has no dairy or refined sugar.

Souper-baby often has avocado on toast or an avocado sandwich but a whole avocado is a bit much and it doesn’t keep very well.  If I’m not planning a meal using avocado for myself this pudding is the first thing that comes to mind.

I have also tried freezing some and after defrosting for a few minutes and breaking up with a fork I had a chocolate ice cream of sorts for souper-baby.


Ripe avocado

1/2 ripe banana


Vanilla essence

souper baby chocolate pudding ingredients


Put the avocado and banana flesh into your container and blitz – I use a stick blender and the plastic jug that came with it but any food processor would do.

Gradually add cocoa powder until the colour is a rich dark brown.  Add vanilla essence to taste (I used about one teaspoon).


finished souper baby chocolate pudding

and enjoy….

pudding being eaten



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