First foods – cooking for everyone

A lot of the baby-led weaning websites and books will say “just feed your baby the same thing as you eat”.  Whilst this makes a lot of sense and is very practical, if you usually eat really spicy or salty food it clearly doesn’t work.

So, instead of using lo-salt stock in soups or stews, I just use water and herbs and add salt and pepper, and sometimes Worcester sauce, at the table.

Our fiery curries and chillis became much milder (although a little heat was fine for the wee one) and we added dried chilli flakes & cayenne pepper to taste.

And where we would have had a hot thai beef salad, we just put some cooked steak aside before dressing.  You get the idea!

Stir fries have been the one thing we haven’t been willing to take the chilli and salt (i.e. soy sauce) out of and they are a regular on our weekly menu.  When I make our stir fry, I make a second mini one with garlic, ginger, sesame oil and peanut or cashew butter for souper-baby’s dinner the next night.  It’s not the same but she doesn’t know that!  Yet…..


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