Souper fast soup – curried squash

I’m off my feet for a little while longer but I need some lunches I can heat up quickly myself without too much time standing.  I asked my very kind nurse (souper-husband) to throw a few things in the slow cooker and the results are remarkably good!

Of course you could use spices, onions, garlic & chilli and make your own paste but the whole point of this is that it is easy, so just use whatever spice paste you have to hand.  We used a Patak’s Rogan Josh paste and it was brilliant.

This makes enough for 2 or 3 for lunch.


1/2 very large butternut squash or 1 small one

3 large carrots (I always get ones that say “no need to peel”, because I am lazy)

3 teaspoons curry paste



Roughly chop the squash and carrot (don’t bother to peel either).  Add to the pot or slow cooker with the curry paste and enough water to cover and cook until the vegetables are soft.  Blend, season (I found there was enough salt in the paste but I wanted black pepper as usual) and serve!  Dairy-eaters might like a dollop of yoghurt, but I thought it was delicious as it was.

curried squash soup


P.S. aren’t slow cookers brilliant?  If you want more slow cooker ideas let me know!


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