First foods – Popular baby foods found ‘lacking’

I’ve been meaning to start a series of posts about introducing babies to the exciting world of eating for a long time but it was THIS story in the media that got me to get on with it.

“Baby foods sold in the UK fail to meet infants’ dietary weaning needs”

Well, aside from making most mothers I know feel unnecessarily guilty, what does this achieve?  I guess it opens our eyes to what we probably should have realised – that if you can put a roast dinner in a pouch and keep it on a shelf for six months, it’s as close in taste and nutrients to an actual roast dinner as I am to Ainsley Harriot (not very).

I am certainly no expert but I had a fantastic time introducing souper-baby to food, found it very easy and did it without buying any “baby” foods.  Whilst I would never suggest that there is anything wrong with buying baby food (we are all just surviving really, for goodness sake do what’s right for you and don’t worry about it!), I was surprised at how easy and cheap it was to feed souper-baby without it.  In fact, it was probably my thrifty Scottish heritage that made me approach it that way.

That being said, neither was I some domestic-goddess type making infinite batches of puree in perfectly labelled pots for an alphabetically and chronologically organised freezer.  Far from it, as those who have seen my freezer can testify.  I didn’t even buy weaning pots or baby crockery!  My “minimal-effort” strategy did, however, mean some creative shopping & cooking so I’d like to share what I learnt in the hope that it’s of some use.  A lot of people ask me for ideas, especially once they’ve seen her eat, so I hope this is helpful.

I’m going to write about getting started, store-cupboard standbys, eating out and about and fitting in with grown-up meals.  PLEASE let me know in the comments or on my facebook page if you have any feedback, questions or challenges for me.  I’d love to know your thoughts!

Are you ready?  Let’s go!


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