Marrow and roast garlic soup

I bought a magnificent marrow at a lovely pick your own place for 80p, although this soup would be just as good with courgette.  I used 1/3rd in a slow-cooked vegetable curry and the remainder in this delicious soup which is quite subtle in flavour thanks to the roasting of the garlic.  I decided not to bother with peeling/deseeding the marrow and I didnt have any brown onions, only red.  It was none the worse for these “rustic” (i.e. lazy) modifications!

This made a lot – enough for lunch for 3 and then 2 generous portions leftover, one of which is now in the fridge to be used for a quick lunch this week and the other is in the freezer.  marrow


1 large marrow, roughly chopped

1 onion (I used a red one)

1 head of garlic

selection of herbs or bouquet garni (I used fresh parsley, dried thyme, rosemary and a bay leaf)

water or chicken or vegetable stock (I just used water as souper-baby was eating with us)


Place the garlic bulb on a sheet of foil, coat it in oil and loosely wrap the foil around it.  Place into an oven at around 200 deg C for about 15 minutes.

garlic bulbWhile the garlic is doing its thing in the oven, chop the vegetables.  Heat some oil in a (very large) pan and soften the onion.  Once it is translucent, add the chopped marrow, herbs and enough stock/water to cover the vegetables.  If you’re using fresh parsley like I did, remember to chop up the stalks and use them too.

The garlic will probably be done now, take it out of the oven and allow it to cool slightly.  Break open the bulb, take one clove at a time and squeeze the mushy, garlicky pulp out into the soup pan.  I was really worried that this would make my fingers stink of garlic for the next 3 weeks but the roasting process really softens the flavour so after a thorough wash with soap and water I was odour free!   It is quite a messy job but also quite satisfying.  Souper-baby chose the exact moment that my hands were COVERED in garlic to get herself stuck underneath our kitchen table, then after I cleaned them, rescued her and resumed garlic squeezing, got her arm stuck in a cupboard door……

Anyway, give it a good stir and cook until the vegetables are soft, around 20 minutes.

soup in pot

Once cooked, remove the bay leaf/bouquet garni, blitz it in the pan with a hand blender and serve with a handful of fresh parsley.

finished soupSouper-baby enjoyed it too, served with a big dollop of natural yoghurt….

baby portion

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