Soup in seconds….

Sometimes I need soup and I need it fast, but a tin just doesn’t really seem like a meal.  This is our standard souper-quick dinner.  Just mix the ingredients in a pan and heat through and you’ll have a hearty dinner for two.

It’s also great at the end of a hot day when you don’t really want to have the cooker on for long (although souper-husband thought it was a good idea to roast a chicken on the hottest night of the year so far, so I guess this is not a consideration for everyone….)


1 carton “fresh” soup (normally a supermarket “taste-the-extra-finest” one)

1 tin of a “coordinating” soup (for me, normally a “lighter” tomato soup)

Fresh soft herbs

Spinach, mushrooms, sweetcorn to suit

any other garnishes you fancy…


My favourite combinations are:

  • Carton of chicken mulligatawny,  tin of tomato soup, fresh coriander, spinach
  • Carton of Sri Lankan chicken soup, tin of tomato soup, fresh basil, spinach, mushrooms (pictured)
  • Carton of bean, corn & chipotle soup, tin of tomato soup, sweetcorn and crushed tortilla chips
  • Carton of roast red pepper, tin of tomato soup, fresh basil

Does anyone else do this?!  If so, do you have any good combinations to share?

soup in seconds pan soup in seconds

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