Thai soup (soup for dinner!)

Sometimes people ask me if I am honestly happy with soup for dinner,  Of course I am, but what they really mean is are WE honestly happy with soup for dinner, i.e. does souper-husband think it’s ok for an evening meal.  I think it is a man thing: dinner must be attacked, viciously, with metal tools and torn with teeth rather than spooned and slurped gently from a bowl.  But, ladies and gentlemen, this may be the soup to convince you.  I present the perfect week-night dinner soup.

thai soup

(top tip – if in doubt, adding a beer always helps sweeten the blow of dinner being served in a bowl)

OK, so I haven’t made the curry paste from scratch and it may not be particularly “authentic” but man it tastes GOOOOOOOOD.  And it’s easy peasy.  I usually cook the noodles separately so that I can cater for differing noodle-appetites (I only want a few, souper-husband wants loads).

One last thing – if you don’t have Sriracha chilli sauce in your life I urge you to track some down!


Thai Red Curry paste (depends on the particular paste and your preferences – use however much you would normally put in a curry)

Protein of choice, such as 1 block firm tofu or king prawns, chicken or pork

Chopped vegetables of choice, we used courgette, mushrooms and butternut squash in the picture

Soya beans (aka edamame, you can buy these frozen in the supermarket.  They add a great texture and are an excellent, complete source of protein)

Chicken or vegetable stock

Finely chopped spring onion

Juice of half a lime

A handful of thai basil if you can get it, ordinary basil if not

Fish sauce & soy sauce to serve

Noodles (I like medium egg noodles but each to their own!)


Fry off the curry paste in a large soup pot for a minute or two. Add the courgette, mushrooms and any other vegetables you are using and fry for a couple of minutes.

Add the stock to the pot followed by the soya beans and simmer for 5 minutes while you cook the protein.  Grill or fry if you are using tofu*, chicken or pork but if you’re using prawns or mussels just add them to the soup for a few minutes.

Add the protein, spring onion, basil and lime juice to the soup pot and stir well.

Serve over noodles or, alternatively, cook the noodles in the soup.


*If using tofu, use “firm” tofu and sandwich the block between two kitchen-roll-covered chopping boards and put a heavy book on top to dry it out.  After 10-15 minutes the tofu block should have lost a lot of moisture: cut it up into small cubes and fry in a little flavourless oil in a small frying pan.  Doing this will help it keep its shape when cooked.

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